July 25, 2023

Introducing Dynamic Pricing on Our Jet Card Programs

We are thrilled to announce our Dynamic Pricing offering on our Jet Card Programs. As part of this offer, flyers who are booking with us either on the Amalfi One Jet Card or Amalfi Reserve Membership, are eligible for dynamic pricing should our sourcing team be able to find a better deal below jet card rates. These cost savings are then passed onto our clients and offered at a discounted rate on typical jet card prices.

We are excited to provide this level of financial flexibility for clients with this amazing offering. We want to provide dynamic pricing on our flights to ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible. There’s a big misconception in the industry that it is clients against their provider, however through our dynamic pricing offering, we want to show our Cardholders that we are always working on their behalf to save them the most amount of money possible.  Given our extensive Operator relationships, we aim to use partnerships to the benefit of our clients, as we are all on the same team.

While this dynamic pricing is not guaranteed on all our flights, all Account Representatives will do their best to work with our sourcing team to find a good deal prior to locking in a trip at published jet card rates.

We are honored to provide exceptional customer service, with our in-house concierge team that is available 24/7 for their cardholders. The full Amalfi Experience includes complimentary Black Car Service, premium cuisine and alcohol, and an in-person representative at every departure airport. We at Amalfi Jets ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers by maintaining the highest cleanliness standards and requiring newly refurbished, stain-free, and damage-free aircraft in our network.

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