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Light Jets

Up to 6 Passengers
Up to 1,600 NM Range
Up to 4 Hour Journeys

Light Jets are perfect for journeys under a few hours for up to 4-7 passengers. Enjoy access to smaller, more remote airports thanks to light jets’ robust capabilities.

Midsize Jets

Up to 8 Passengers
Up to 2,200 NM Range
Up to 6 Hour Journeys

Midsize Jets allow you to take more people further distances, while not sacrificing comfort in the process. Enjoy more spacious cabins and greater connectivity.

Super Midsize Jets

Up to 9 Passengers
Up to 3,200 NM Range
Up to 7 Hour Journeys

Super Midsize Jets allow you to transcend the boundaries of what is thought to be possible. Enjoy spacious cabins for up to 9 passengers and the ability to fly non-stop, coast to coast.

Heavy Jets

Up to 12 Passengers
Up to 4,200 NM Range
Up to 12 Hour Journeys

Feeling international? Heavy Jets allow you to be in multiple places at once and enjoy long-range non-stop travel for up to 12 passengers.

Ultra Long Haul Jets

Up to 14 Passengers
Up to 7,500 NM Range
Up to 16 Hour Journeys

Learn what it means to be global. Ultra Long Haul Jets make the world a smaller place. Enjoy non-stop travel between continents with up to 14 passengers.

Fly The Above Categories All Via the One Product

The Amalfi One Jet Card provides guaranteed availability across all 5 aircraft categories anywhere in the world. Unlock a global fleet in your pocket today.

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