May 22, 2023

Amalfi Jets’ Robb Report Spotlight: Why Private-Jet Cards Are Hitting Some Turbulence

We are excited to have been recognized and mentioned by Robb Report for the strides we have taken with our Amalfi One Jet Card. We are honored to have been acknowledged for our efforts in creating a premier product that offers clients the best in private travel and an unparalleled experience. We want to ensure our clients have an elegant and efficient experience with every aspect of their journey taken care of. While the industry and our fellow competitors may hit turbulence, Amalfi Jets remains secure and steadfast in both its position and commitment to our clients.

Out mention goes as follows:

“Before the frenzy, a half-dozen firms introduced new card offerings. Amalfi Jets launched its program in August 2020, employing a white-glove approach with chauffeured black SUVs, complimentary catering, a 23-country service area, and even flying a staff member to different private airports around the country to meet clients before their flights. “If someone pays $50,000 for a flight, we want to make sure the experience is seamless,” says CEO Kolin Jones. The LA-based start-up, its clients primarily Hollywood studios, was able to survive the Covid chaos.”

We understand that the key to providing our clients with the most enjoyable and hassle-free travel experience is by offering a robust product line that allows clients to pick and choose what they want. This flexibility of offerings better positions us with our target markets and we are both honored and excited to serve such a large community. The Amalfi One Jet Card and Amalfi Reserve Membership reflect industry trends as clients look to get more from their travel experience. We are also well aware of the instability of the industry and thus are proud of our successes and perseverance.

Gaining recognition from a source such as Robb Report and being given the opportunity to personally comment on our robust product line is both an honor and exciting and we look forward to future recognition for our efforts and continued service to our clients across all of our products.

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