April 1, 2024

Amalfi Jets Launches “Amalfi X” Space Flights

Amalfi Jets has gone stratospheric.  

In the wake of continued growth, the Los Angeles-based private jet charter provider has announced the launch of “Amalfi X” space flights today, April 1st, marking the biggest move in the company’s history.  

“We are teeming with excitement at finally being able to announce this news,” Kolin Jones, Founder & CEO of Amalfi Jets, said. “We have kept this project under wraps for the past year and are proud to begin offering these amazing flights to our clients.”  

Amalfi has struck a deal with NASA to use its last generation of space shuttles to operate the flights, staying true to the company’s charter-broker business model. Flights promise to offer a “once in a lifetime” journey for guests, and those onboard will experience weightlessness and breathtaking views.

“NASA’s Space Shuttle marked an era of great success for the organization and is symbolic of what can be achieved through collaboration,” Jones said. “We’ve always aimed to push the boundaries of private aviation and with Amalfi X, we’ve entered a new frontier, providing our clients a truly unparalleled experience.”

Pre-booking begins today, April 1st, with initial flights expected to lift off in Q3 of this year. Flight offerings are hosted on the Amalfi Jets App amongst the company’s existing product lineup. The expected price for these rocket flights will start around $450,000 and will launch from Cape Canaveral to multiple exotic locations, such as Mars, the moon, and surrounding galaxies.

“Amalfi X is thrilled to be partnering with the foremost launch pad at Cape Canaveral,” Jones said. “This partnership allows us to offer our client’s other-worldly journeys throughout our universe.”

Amalfi Jets expects there will be high demand for the rocket seats, and most flights will only accommodate 6-8 members. Therefore, it is encouraged to book early as the rockets are limited. Further, booking on the app allows current Amalfi Reserve and One Jet Card members to secure their spots before the flights are widely available.  

“We cannot wait to explore the greatest frontier with our clients,” Jones said. “We hope to continue offering these flights beyond this year but encourage our members to book now since space is limited,” Jones said.

Download the Amalfi App to stay up to date on launches and secure your seat into the cosmos today.

To download our App on iOS, click here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/amalfi-jets/id6474433155  

To download from Google Play, click here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.app.amalfijets&hl=en_US&gl=US&pli=1  

If you have yet to experience flying with Amalfi Jets and wish to learn more about this offer, reach out to an Amalfi Jets representative.

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