January 26, 2024

Amalfi Jets Introduces the Amalfi Safety Management System (ASMS)

Safety is at the core of our culture, operations, and mission at Amalfi Jets. In a strategic move to enhance our commitment to safety and excellence in client service, we recently secured a Purchased Non-owned Aircraft Liability Insurance policy.  

“In an uncertain world, we excel at providing our clients certain safety standards and peace of mind.” said Kolin Jones, Founder & CEO of Amalfi Jets.

This milestone underscores our dedication to ensuring a secure and worry-free experience for our clients, reaffirming our position as a trusted name in the private aviation industry. Purchasing a Non-owned Aircraft Liability Insurance policy is a critical step for us as a premier private jet charter broker. Since our company facilitates private jet travel for our clients without owning the aircraft, this insurance provides us a layer of protection against potential liabilities arising from the use of non-owned aircraft.  

This new policy is being dubbed the “The Amalfi Safety Management System.”

“We recognize the core need for trust in the industry and the importance that our clients feel safe and secure in their investment and travel,” Jones said. “The Amalfi Safety Management System reflects our commitment to safety for our clients.”

For an Operator and Aircraft to be within the Amalfi Network, we require that all Operators must meet all FAA Regulations and hold third-party safety accreditation from the following safety auditing companies: ARGUS, Wyvern, or IS-BAO. Additionally, we earned the Wyvern Broker badge, further demonstrating its commitment to safety.

Additionally, we have also expanded our internal safety measures for our employees as well. A monthly event, labeled "Aviation Safety Day," has been implemented to foster hands-on safety awareness throughout the entire company.  

“Our updated internal safety protocol ensures that every Amalfi employee is well versed in our operational standards to exude pure excellence,” said Jones.

Employees engage in a comprehensive review of our safety protocols, gain insight into various aspects of aviation safety, and understand the pivotal role they play in ensuring the security of flights for their clients.

“Amalfi’s updated internal safety protocol ensures that every Amalfi employee is well versed in our operational standards to exude pure excellence,” Jones said.

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