July 21, 2023

Amalfi Jets Continues to Welcome Clients to New Corporate Office

As we shared with you back in May, we at Amalfi Jets have proudly worked out of our new corporate office in Agoura Hills, just outside of Los Angeles. This revolutionary space allows every member of our team to collaborate with one another, creating a sense of community and drive. The office is an open concept that allows for company-wide meetings, networking events, and team-bonding exercises to freely take place while quiet areas and individual office spaces encourage work and focus when times are busy and deliverables to clients must be met.

Most importantly space has also allowed us to welcome in our clients who wish to stop by for face-to-face meetings and get an unparalleled look into the company’s operations and how our team works together. Our outdoor patio is a refreshing space to spend time away from the hustle and bustle inside and we look forward to hosting more exclusive events in the future. We invite anyone within the Amalfi Jets community as well as prospective flyers to come and check out our space.

“We are excited to showcase our new Corporate Office,” said by our very own Kolin Jones. “We believe that in order to provide the best for our clients we must work in an environment that promotes collaboration and a sense of home which is exactly what this new space offers. We invite any of our clients to come and check out the new space to get to know the team more and see the behind-the-scenes of our operations to ensure we get our people in the sky and to their destination.”

Amalfi Jets’ office is open every business hour, 5 days a week so we look forward to connecting with our clients and prospective clients as much as we can.

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