February 20, 2024

Amalfi Jets Begins Development of Native CRM & Operational System

Amalfi Jets Inc. has announced the development of its native CRM & Operational System to manage its current client base and requests and streamline operational procedures.  

The Los Angeles-based private jet charter company began implementation of its new customer management system in February 2024. This move came in light of an uptick in demand for the company, which saw a YoY increase in revenues and profits as more clients took to the skies.  

“Similar to a lot of companies in the industry, we are looking internally at ways we can improve the customer experience for our members,” said Kolin Jones, Founder & CEO of Amalfi Jets. “Our native CRM system will allow us to better track our clients and analyze their engagement with us.”

Furthermore, the new system will be integrated with the Amalfi App which is expected to launch in early 2024. This will allow the company to more directly manage and analyze client traffic (flight requests, membership upgrades, etc.), and gain live data and insight from its app directly.  

“This effort will be bolstered by the Amalfi Jets App which will be directly integrated into this new system,” Jones said. “To continuously foster our growth, we must look inward as much as outward, and the investments we have made in this new CRM & Operations System and our App reflect our efforts to revolutionize the way we do business and provide for our clients.”

The Amalfi Jets App launches on March 11th in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

Amalfi Jets offers a wide range of services as a global private jet charter and jet card provider. With access to over 3,500 aircraft across 170+ countries, Amalfi Jets’ clients enjoy the convenience of booking every part of their trip through one trusted company.  

Amalfi Jets is honored to provide exceptional customer service, with their in-house concierge team that is available 24/7 for their cardholders and the additional personnel on their team will strengthen this offering. The full Amalfi Experience includes complimentary Black Car Service, premium cuisine and alcohol, and an in-person representative at every departure airport. Amalfi Jets ensures the safety and comfort of its passengers by maintaining the highest cleanliness standards and requiring newly refurbished, stain-free, and damage-free aircraft in their network.  

If you have yet to experience flying with Amalfi Jets and wish to learn more about the company’s offers, reach out to an Amalfi Jets representative.

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