January 26, 2024

Amalfi Foundation Tackles Los Angeles Homelessness Through its Innovative Local Community Development Initiative (LCDI)

At the Amalfi Foundation, the 501(c)(3) philanthropic arm of Amalfi Jets, one of the core tenets of our mission is community development.  

Our foundation, headquartered in Agoura Hills, California, focuses on aiding unhoused individuals in the Los Angeles and Southern California areas through housing placement, career consulting and financial advising. Managing Director Anna Sarnoff leads the foundation in our innovative 6-month accelerator program, The Local Community Development Initiative (LCDI).

“At the Amalfi Foundation, our main goal is to provide a foundation of stability and self-sufficiency,” Sarnoff said.

LCDI is an innovative approach to solving the homelessness crisis in Los Angeles. Candidates in the program receive specialized attention from the Amalfi Foundation team, including the expenses of all basic needs that span everything from rent to utilities to groceries. Simultaneously, candidates are paired with an AF Case Manager and provided direct career coaching and mentorship.

“LCDI is a fantastic program that allows people in the community who have experienced homelessness and extreme poverty to tap into a wealth of opportunity,” Sarnoff said.

Our foundation’s goal is to foster lasting results for our candidates and the community, rather than just a quick housing solution. Within the aim of self-sufficiency, AF locates affordable housing for their candidates and a stable long-term job position, while instilling basic financial literacy.

“Through our mentorship, candidates get more than a minimum-wage job, but rather a secure, quality job that has benefits and provides opportunities for career growth,” Sarnoff said. “Along with a stable position, the Amalfi Foundation teaches strategies for financial health that last beyond the 6-month program.”

One such success story from the initiative is Michael. He came to us as an unhoused individual in the Los Angeles Area. Now, with the help of the Amalfi Foundation, he has successfully upheld a steady living environment and has received a promotion at his full-time information technology job.  

“We are thrilled that Michael has come so far in the program, including getting his first apartment and earning a multitude of certifications that have propelled his growth in the IT field,” Sarnoff said. “We are really proud to see the growth that he has had through LCDI.”

Here at the Amalfi Foundation, we work with a network of Los Angeles homeless shelters, including Harbor House, Turning Point and Calvary Westlake.  Our partnerships with these local organizations allow us to extend our program offerings to those in need.  

On the donor side, there are multiple ways to get involved in our foundation’s efforts. Individuals can support LCDI directly by donating through the Amalfi Foundation website and links on all social profiles. Additionally, those with students in their lives who are looking to grow and enter the workforce from an early high school age can be nominated for student leadership accelerator positions.

“The Student Leadership Accelerator Program (SLA), in conjunction with LDCI, offers career support to young individuals,” Sarnoff said. “The programs allow for the growth of our local youth through life-long connections and experiences.”

For more information on how to join the Amalfi Foundation’s efforts as either a donor, youth leader, or candidate, please contact anna@amalfifoundation.org

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